Narrandera Australia Day 2024 Nominees


Narrandera Garden Club has been nominated for the Organisation of the Year Award.

The Narrandera Garden Club, established in 1978, has been running for 45 years and has held its 40th Town and Country Open Garden Day in 2023. The event, which is a major fundraiser for Can Assist Narrandera, showcases six beautiful local gardens and donates over $10,000 annually. The club also hosts propagating days and holds monthly meetings at various gardens for social interaction and sharing gardening knowledge. The club’s Treasurer and Camellia Show Coordinator, Denise Di Salvia, is dedicated to the success of the event. The club also holds Friendship Day, where members from surrounding clubs come together for lunch and a guest speaker. The club’s membership spans a vast age group, ensuring that gardening knowledge and enthusiasm are passed on to new members.