Dear Can Assist Community,

Welcome to our Spring edition of branching Out.

The generous support of our communities, be it individuals, businesses or other groups, in donating and or attending our fundraising events (that take hours of planning and arrangements by our dedicated members) are evident within these pages. Thank you to all involved, the generosity in time and money is meaningfully appreciated by those we support. A recent recipient emailed to say ” I want to thank you  Read More

Kellie Crossley, President, and Bianca Armytage the Patient Liaison Officer, from Deniliquin Can Assist sharing some important information on Can Assist support.

Key points to remember are:

  • assistance is not means tested
  • anyone in rural and regional NSW who has received cancer treatment within the last twelve months is eligible
  • we do not discriminate in who we help
  • we cannot approach people and ask them if they need assistance
  • it’s confidential

Dear Can Assist Community,

Over the following pages you will find a bumper issue of Branching Out to complete the financial year. I was fortunate to attend several of the events showcased within and at each I enjoyed the fun and festivities. I walk away from events such as the Cootamundra’s Dancing with the Stars or Dubbo Garden Day feeling a sense of inadequacy in expressing my gratitude for the work our volunteers and supporters provide Can Assist and their commitment to helping cancer patients in country NSW. There are so many wonderful Read More


✂️Chop the Mop✂️ is all done! Jason’s beloved dreadlocks are now in a bag. Over $110,000 raised for Can Assist Cootamundra. Absolutely unbelievable what Jason Baldock and Tania Baldock have done and the enormous effort they have gone to to raise these funds. The story behind why this started pulls on your heart strings! Bloody amazing! Watch now!