Leave a gift in your will

Leave a living legacy with a bequest donation in your will.

We are touched by the generosity of supporters who choose to leave a gift in their will to Can Assist and by doing so, make a difference beyond their lifetime. This lasting legacy allows the charity to plan services and act when asked.

Contact Sydney (Head Office) to discuss leaving a gift for Can Assist in your will.

The following suggestion for wording could be discussed with your solicitor or other qualified person –

“I give and bequeath to Cancer Patients’ Assistance Society of NSW ABN 76 000 412 715 the sum of $_____ free of estate duty to be applied for the purpose of the said charity in such manner as the board of directors thereof may determine and I declare that the receipt of its chief executive, treasurer or other authorised officer shall be a complete discharge of this bequest.”

We honour and thank those who have left this gift.

Can Assist cancer travel assistance

The generosity of the Late Ms Pamela Skinner

The receipt of the Late Ms Skinner’s generous bequest in 2020, allows Can Assist to provide short term accommodation in Sydney for country people who are relatives of the cancer patient. These funds ensured that Tom and his family didn’t need to worry about the cost of 10 nights of accommodation when staying near Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse. Instead their energy was directed to supporting his unwell wife, Jenny, as she underwent and recovered from critical surgery.