Honour a loved one

Giving a gift in memory of your close family member or friend creates a personal and lasting legacy in their name, helping Can Assist continues to support country families experiencing cancer. You can honour the memory of your loved one in a number of ways:

Make an individual donation

Your ‘In Memory’ donation will help us support more families experiencing cancer.

Create an ‘In Memory’ page

Create a place for family and friends to come together, donate and share messages of support.

Search for an ‘In Memory’ page

Find an existing page to share messages of support and donate in your loved one’s memory.

Request ‘In Memoriam’ envelopes

Email our team and we will organise to post envelopes to you for a funeral.

Peter didn’t want to visit the doctor, even when he thought something wasn’t right.

Peter hoped his symptoms would go away. By the time he was diagnosed, his cancer was already advanced. Country people have poorer survival rates than those in the city. By providing financial assistance and education programs, Can Assist wants to improve the outcomes for rural and regional NSW communities.

Provide a brighter future for country people with cancer. Donate now.

[Based on statistics from Rural National Health Alliance, 2012]