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In May Dubbo Can Assist hosted Open Garden Day.  Five beautiful and charming gardens were on display. Approximately 500-600 people blocked roads around the garden addresses. There was an afternoon tea that required 80 loaves of bread and 100 bread rolls, a successful raffle and alongside other stalls, our volunteers had a striking plant stall. Garden guru, Judy Horton spoke at three gardens.


Can Assist Dubbo has a new executive.  Fran Ellis President, Rosie Gavel Snr Vic President, Jackie Walkie Vice President, Janet Ruskin Rowe Treasurer and Fitz McKay Secretary.

Because of COVID fundraising has not happened, however, we have had lots of donations. Recently We have had a good raffle sold downtown over six days which raised 2 ½ thousand dollars. We have found if we sell something with our raffle, ie plants, jams, etc. people love it and we make a lot more money.  We have an excellent lady in Melva Blake who pots plants and Jenny Slack Smith makes jam endlessly.  Also one of our members, Robin Englert has been making little baby knitted bears with our insignia attached and they are fast becoming an emblem.

Regional Australia Bank also help with their customer incentive and we received the most ever from the bank of $5500.00

The money boxes scattered around town are great money makers and advertising so look out for them when you are out and about.

The suggestion to make masks and sell them for Dubbo Can Assist seemed innocent enough. Dusty sewing machines were brought out of cupboards, by rusty workers. Cutters, snippers, ironers and sewers all worked tirelessly in a couple of hastily set up work rooms. The Outback Dragon boaters came on board, and the Covid19 decommissioned zoo volunteers hopped in to help. First the elastic ran out, then the black fabric. Who would have envisaged that !!!!!

After three weeks of sewing, extensive orders and much chat and laughter, Can Assist volunteers have passed the baton to others to continue to mask our community and keep us all safe. Many thanks to all who provided assistance, materials and by purchasing the masks.

For us slightly senior volunteers, who have practiced all health safety measures and lockdowns meticulously, this exercise has allowed us to enjoy the camaraderie with our peers. At a time when we were unable to raise funds, in the normal ways, to help our local cancer patients, we have boosted our coffers, by approximately $8,000. In total we created about 1200 masks, and we still have them available at Macquarie Homestay ( the Dubbo Base accommodation facility) and Dubbo Culinary and Homewares.