Branching Out Newsletter – Issue 22

Branching Out Newsletter 22

At this time of year, I find it difficult to make sense of where the year has gone.
The chaos of ordinary schedules somehow gets amplified with the time pressures of the end of year celebrations and arrangements. I sincerely hope that for all of the members and volunteers that have given time to support Can Assist and its mission throughout 2018, this time of year allows you a chance to step away from your fundraising activities and take a moment to rest. Unfortunately for those who you help they don’t get the choice to step away from the fight they are undertaking, but I hope they can feel the support from our network and gain some strength upon reflection of that… Read more


Compared to those in metropolitan areas, rural cancer patients are diagnosed later, are more likely to die and seventeen times more likely to report geographical and financial barriers to care. Distance matters – it creates inequitable access to best treatment options. Can Assist is a registered Charity that provides cancer assistance for country NSW through financial assistance, practical support and raising awareness.