Lilier Lodge Afternoon Tea with the Mayor

Emma Phillips, Executive Director, addresses the guests at the Lilier Lodge Afternoon Tea, to launch the 20th Birthday Celebrations.
It is my pleasure to be  able to say a few words today. I’d like to thank the Mayor for holding this afternoon tea and by doing so recognizing both the contribution Lilier has made to the city of Wagga Wagga  but more importantly honouring the wagga community of volunteers connected with Lilier Lodge, particularly those of you invited here today. You all embody the true spirit of community and service.
The opening of Lilier Lodge twenty years ago was the culmination of more than 5 years of hard work involving a large number of people. The foresight and compassion shown then is to be commended as the purpose built facility has been without question a game changer for both the cancer patient and carer needing to travel and stay away from home when receiving   treatment. Twenty years later we  remain blessed to have so much community support and together we provide a safe haven, home away for home for many when at their most vulnerable both physically and emotionally.
Lilier Lodge owes its success and warmth to the dedicated Staff both past but very much the present. Margaret, Alison, Greg and more recently Cathy and Moya, pour their hearts into caring for the guests whilst ensuring smooth operations.
However In addition to the staff we are indebted to our team of volunteers whose selfless contributions enrich the lives of everyone who stays. Whether its driving them to treatment, organizing recreational activities, the Wednesday night dinners, overseeing the vegie patch, high pressure hosing the exterior – the list of jobs is endless – you all, our Lilier volunteers infuse the lodge with joy, companionship and a sense of community. You give your time and energy without expecting anything in return (ok maybe the occasional sweet treat from the kitchen)  and this truly embodies the spirit of generosity and kindness that lies at the heart of Lilier Lodges mission.  Your collective efforts creates a haven where our guests thrive, find solace, forge meaningful connections and make Lilier Lodge not just an accommodation facility but a true home filled with love and compassion.
To the Mayor, thank you for recognizing this with todays event.  I am truly appreciative of you making the time to honour these special community members of Wagga.  I am not a local, have only been connected with Lilier since late 2016 but personally in that short time I have been privileged to get to know many of our volunteers with my regular visits and develop some very meaningful friendships with such extraordinary individuals. As a past cancer patient myself I commend each of you for what you bring . On behalf of the JV owners Its an  honour to extend thanks and deepest gratitude, you truly make a difference to Lilier Lodge and in the lives of so many.  Happy Birthday wishes and celebrations everyone. May we and those who follow us sustain this amazing asset for years to come, ensuring access to affordable and quality accommodation is no impediment to a rural cancer patients’ treatment.