Jess’ Story


Jess discovered she had Stage 3 Melanoma at the age of 35 – the average age of this diagnosis is 65 years old. She thought that she was just getting a fatty cyst removed from her right shoulder. Fortunately, her doctor sent it off for testing, as it was a surprise to get this cancer diagnosis, given her age.

Jess had to travelled to Sydney (400kms from her hometown) to have surgery to remove the cancer and all the lymph nodes under her right arm, as it had spread. Then Jess had to face 12 months of immunotherapy at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. If Jess lived in Sydney, she could have gone to work in the morning, have the procedure in the afternoon, be home that night, be at work the next day. Instead for Jess the process took 2-3 days, due to the distance she lived from the treatment centre, and the fatigue from the treatment.