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Cancer patients in the Shoalhaven shire can now get extra support from Can Assist Shoalhaven. Funding from greenslips.com.au will help them keep their cars on the road.

When rural patients are getting treatment for cancer, they often have to travel long distances. Thanks to this funding, they can get help to pay for their greenslips. They value having the extra support by having one more bill paid.

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Parkes Shire cancer patients will benefit from the new partnership between greenslips.com.au and Can Assist Parkes.

Patients in the shire have to travel 100km to Orange, 120km to Dubbo, or 350kms to Sydney for treatment. Most patients use their own car or their family to take them, as it gives a sense of control at a time when they often feel out of control.

Can Assist is there to help with bills and any other tasks that people might need done. It can be a very expensive time and every little bit helps to take some of the pressure off.

greenslips.com.au has provided funding to Can Assist to help keep local cancer patients’ cars on the road when they need them most.

For more, see Vital partnership between Can Assist and greenslips.com.au helping Parkes Shire cancer patients. Condobolin Argus April 2021

Cancer patients in Shoalhaven shire can now get financial support thanks to a partnership between Can Assist Shoalhaven and greenslips.com.au

Can Assist Shoalhaven and greenslips.com.au will help cancer patients who need their cars to get to and from cancer treatment. They need to use their cars because public transport is limited and it is a powerful emotional support to have the privacy of their own vehicle. greenslips.com.au provides funding for their greenslips but does not sell greenslips.

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Shoalhaven Can Assist is the latest branch to partner with greenslips.com.au. greenslips.com.au has supported 24 Can Assist branches across NSW and can now help Shoalhaven cancer patients.

Local cancer patients can ask for financial support from Shoalhaven Can Assist. This includes green slips to help them travel to and from treatment. Having one less bill to cover means they can direct their money to something else like medication.

Many country people have to travel long distances to get to treatment. greenslips.com.au can help ease this burden through its partnership with Can Assist.

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Media release 17 March 2021. Cancer patients across the Parkes Shire who rely on their cars to travel to and from treatment will benefit from new funding that Can Assist Parkes has received from greenslips.com.au.

Funding for Can Assist Parkes

greenslips.com.au has supported 24 Can Assist branches across NSW, including Parkes, and is committed to supporting more.The partnership between greenslips.com.au and Can Assist, a community-based volunteer network providing financial and practical support to people affected by cancer and living in country NSW, was forged in 2019. It provides funding to help pay for cancer patients’ green slip insurance.

Patricia Bailey, Welfare Worker and Secretary with Can Assist Parkes, says the funding from greenslips.com.au will “help ease some of the burden”.

“When you live out here, you have to travel big distances to get to specialist cancer treatments,” she says. “Patients must travel 100km to Orange, 120km to Dubbo, or 350kms to Sydney – and then return home. Most patients use their own car or their family to take them, as it gives a sense of control when their body is not always in control. It helps to be able to visit the doctor and go straight home.

“The green slip payment by greenslips.com.au is another thing to help them along their way. It’s one less thing to worry about. It will make a big difference, because if they couldn’t get their green slip insurance it would be a challenge getting to treatment.”

How Can Assist supports

Can Assist provides practical and financial support confidentially to cancer patients through travel, accommodation, medication and utility payments.

Can Assist Parkes is supporting over 200 patients of different ages – from 18 months to those in their 90s – and who are at different stages of their cancer journey. In 2020 they helped 59 new cases. The new cases are largely a result of more young people being diagnosed with cancer. Last year the branch provided $180,000 in assistance, and they’re keen to help more patients in need, especially with donations from www.greenslips.com.au for their CTP green slip insurance.

“Most cancer patients or their carers – sometimes both – have to stop work, and their money can be gone very quickly because of the costs associated with cancer. They will have bills that they did not have before the cancer diagnosis, and $300 can make a big difference when they don’t have to find it,” says Adrienne Brown, Treasurer of Can Assist Parkes.

“People sometimes borrow money because they’re too proud to ask for assistance. It’s so important we talk to people and make sure they know our assistance is available, and make sure they take the help they need.

“Having been a nurse, I’ve seen people struggle physically and emotionally. I have also seen how important it is to come forward and ask for help. There are financial, practical and emotional benefits available from Can Assist and all are as important as the other.”

greenslips.com.au contribution

Stephen Treacey, founder and owner of greenslips.com.au, a comparative CTP insurance site, says:

“A cancer diagnosis in rural or remote NSW can bring the additional burden of travelling long distances to treatment, and we recognise the benefits of keeping local cancer patients’ cars on the road when they need them most.

“We also know how people living in the country are affected by a health crisis. We’ve seen the upheaval and disruption caused to people when they need to leave town for medical treatment. It’s great to be able to help at a grassroots level through Can Assist branches, like the one in Parkes. Our contribution goes directly to the branch to assist cancer patients that are supported by that branch.”

Can Assist Parkes is funded entirely by local donations, local fundraising events, and corporate support such as greenslips.com.au. All money raised locally stays local to help local cancer patients. “There’s been an increase in people needing assistance, and we invite cancer patients to come forward and seek our support. It’s as simple as calling 0447 051 946. All patient enquiries and support are strictly confidential.”

More about greenslips.com.au and Can Assist.

Media release, 1 November 2020: When someone in rural or remote NSW is diagnosed with cancer, they may have to travel long distances to treatment. Through a partnership with www.greenslips.com.au, Can Assist Gunnedah has more funding to help ease that burden.

Long distances to travel for treatment

Kate Knight, Gunnedah Can Assist President says: “We have such long distances to travel, it’s critical to have a safe, reliable car to get to treatment. Tamworth is 80 kilometres away and we have some clients who travel to Sydney or Newcastle for care. Radiation could require 25 trips, there and back, so the kilometres really add up. Can Assist Gunnedah supports other local towns including Carroll, Mullaley, Boggabri, Curlewis, and Coonabarabran, who may have to travel even further”.

“We’ve been supporting a local woman with a rare cancer going through intense chemo in Sydney. It impacts on her, her husband, their four young children and the extended family. Contributions such as this from greenslips.com.au will help us to help her and many others.

“A cancer diagnosis is stressful enough; without a vehicle it adds another burden. We have been told Can Assist is a little ray of sunshine in a dark time. If you have support you can get through it. Our support is not just for the patient, but also for the carer, who could be taken away from their job. We want people to know we’re here to help,” says Kate.

Practical and financial support to cancer patients

Can Assist provides practical and financial support to cancer patients in Gunnedah and surrounding townships, through travel, food and fuel vouchers, pharmaceuticals and utilities payments. Can Assist Gunnedah knows many more in the community need help, especially with the added burden of COVID-19 on cancer patients. The branch is keen to help more patients in need, especially with payment from www.greenslips.com.au for their CTP green slip insurance.

“At the beginning, when you find out you have cancer, it feels like the foundation falls out of everything. You’re the worker and all of a sudden there’s no income. The initial diagnosis has a big impact and you need financial support. Your world changes, things halt for a while, but you do get on top and you do move forward,” says Linda Lee, Can Assist Gunnedah Secretary.

“Can Assist Gunnedah supports approximately 10 clients a month, 2-3 times per month, depending on their circumstances. While fundraising slowed due to COVID-19, our Client Liaison Officer has been inundated with requests for help. A lot of people don’t like to ask for support, but when offered they willingly accept. The support can continue for several months or as long as it’s required”, says Linda.

Can Assist Gunnedah is funded entirely by local donations and corporate sponsorship from companies such as greenslips.com.au, with all money raised locally staying local.

Invitation to ask for support

Can Assist Gunnedah invites local cancer patients to come forward and seek their support. Cancer patients in Barooga are also encouraged to seek assistance. It is as simple as calling 0455 135 973. All patient enquiries and support are strictly private and highly confidential. For more information on how to support Can Assist, visit www.canasssist.org.au.