Bega Valley: Swimmers raise money for Can Assist

In April twenty-four people swam for 24 hours at Bega Memorial Swimming Pool to raise money for Bega Valley Can Assist. The initial goal set out by the swimmers was to raise $2,400, with each swimmer’s goal being to raise $100.  In the end they far exceeded that number and were able to raise $7,000 with the help of the community and local businesses.

“Everyone just came out of the woodwork and it was a real community thing. Rosie from Baker’s Delight came down with cheese and bacon rolls and free food… everyone made dips, cheese and bickies and just sat down and had a cuppa tea.”

“There was 24 of us there, we all got our photos, everyone was setting up their beds for the night, people just bought in their swags and camped out all over the pool grounds which was so good.”

A couple of people from Can Assist were also present during the 24 hour marathon. They assisted with keeping spirits high and writing out receipts.  “All together we swam 161km which was 4828 laps,” said Ms Philipzen.